We Were Entrusted with Renovating

OUR Historic Iowa Statehouse

to its original glory and in some cases will actually be stronger. Often, our refinished items look better than the original. No one will ever pay more attention to detail and properly-finished work than we will.


  1. Trust your treasured pieces to our expert care when it’s time to refinish. You’ll know that your item:

  2. Will have it’s old finish stripped in the best way to preserve the most wood

  3. Will be sanded correctly according to the species and grain quality of the wood

  4. Will be assessed by an expert joiner, and repairs / restoration will be properly attended to

  5. Will have finish applied properly, assuring you of many years of continued radiance

cherished piece of furniture need not be discarded just because it has wear or damage. With experts on the job, it can be restored


Veneer repairs and re-veneering

Dent repair and color replacement to finishes

Table polishing and scratch removal

Chair and cabinet re-gluing to remove creaking joints

Drawer repairs

Hinge replacement

Recliner repair   

Leather repair and re-coloring

  1. We can re-color leather to be factory perfect. Holes and tears can be repaired almost invisibly, and the repair is usually stronger than the leather itself.

New part fabrication

  1. If it's made of wood, we can make it and make it to match.

  1. Before

  1. After

  1. After

  1. Before

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