We Keep Hospitals, Banks, Hotels and Offices Looking Like New

and furniture. A regular program of maintenance can extend the life of these investments and save your business from costly replacement. Our team can perform on-site services on either an as-needed basis or as part of an ongoing scheduled service agreement.

Eliminate the signs of wear and tear in your business.

  1. Rub marks

  2. Scratches

  3. Nicks

  4. Gouges

  5. Upholstery wear

  6. Water damage

  7. Mechanical functionality

  8. Door realignment

  9. Structural repairs

your business is like most, you need to keep your public appearance spotless, and that includes your office fixtures


We can save thousands of dollars in replacement costs for:

  1. Medical offices

  2. Hospitals

  3. Restaurants

  4. Hotels

  5. Banks

  6. Conference centers

  7. Reception areas

  8. Clinics

  9. Schools and universities

  10. Any office with woodwork and furniture

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Des Moines, Iowa

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